Automotive Battery OK-GO-70L

Automotive Battery OK-GO-70L

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Okaya Automotive Battery OK-GO-70L

Okaya Automotive Battery OK-GO-70L, is a maintenance free product that is in compliance with Japanese technology. It has high cranking performance and comprises calcium (for extra power), bismuth (bi) (for longer life), controlled sliver (ag), which insure a fast start anytime, anywhere. The robust grid design it has for handling vibration is totally favorable. This is a rechargeable battery, which provides electric energy to the automotive vehicles and has a primary purpose to start the engine. The Automotive Battery OK-GO-70L we offer is classified by its type, physical size, arrangement of the terminals and mounting variety.

Specification of 12V 65Ah Car Battery :-

  • Brand : OKAYA
  • Model : OK-GO-70L
  • Rating : 65 AH
  • Warranty (in months) : 18+6*
  • MRP : 5559
  • Price (With Exchange) : 5149
  • Price (Without Exchange) : 5399
  • Old Battery Value : 250