Inverter Battery DP 550 (140 AH)

Inverter Battery DP 550 (140 AH)

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DigiPower DP 550 Inverter Battery

Our Inverter Battery DP 550 (140 AH) is a tubular type battery with dual thick plates, which has special patented low antimony alloy composition, high purity and rust-impedance proprietary spine metal mixture. The unique design of our product assures consistent distribution of positive dynamic ultra strong material and adaptable oxidation retardant gauntlet. Further, our inverter battery DP 550 (140AH) has puncture retardant separators as well as electrolyte level pointers that facilitates in simple recognition for opportune water top-up. Our product's life span of usability is less than 1250 cycles at major portion depth of release. The added feature of our inverter battery is that it has speedy charging facility, which means DigiPower DP 550 140AH Tubular Battery requires less topping up in comparison with flat plate batteries.

Attributes of 140 AH Inverter Battery :-

  • Brand : DIGI
  • Model : DP 550
  • Rating : 140 AH
  • Warranty (in months) : 18+18*
  • MRP : 11400
  • Price (With Exchange) : 9399
  • Price (Without Exchange) : 10399
  • Old Battery Value : 1000

Specifications of DigiPower DP 550 140AH Tubular Battery :-

  • A Tubular Battery with Double thickness plates,
  • Low antimony alloy,
  • Puncture resistant separator