S50 Commercial RO

S50 Commercial RO

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S50 Commercial RO Water Purifier we provide is highly applicative in hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels and malls for providing clean and safe drinking water. The product makes a separation without a phase occurrence needs  low energy costs. The system is compact and needs less space requirements in comparison with other desalting systems such as distillation. Featured with pump, motor, flow-meter, valve, pressure gauge, etc, it is fully automatic and planned to start-up and shut down mechanically through the interlocks. Due to the modular arrangement, the maintenance and expansion are the effortless options. S50 Commercial RO Water Purifier we offer can be employed as a standalone system and can also work well as a mode to pre-treat feed water by proffering perfecting performance and longevity.

Specifications of S50 Commercial RO Water Purifier :-



Dimensions, mm (Lx WxH)



28kg. (approx.)

RO Membrane

75 GPD (4Nos.)

Flow Rate

50** Litres/hr.

Max. duty cycle

250 L/Day

TDS Reduction

90% (approx.)

Purification Stages



Pre-filter, Activated Carbon, Sediment, Ultra Filtration

Min. Inlet Water Pressure / Temp

0.3 kg/cm2 - 4.267 psi/10 C

Max Inlet Water Pressure / Temp

3 kg/cm2 - 42.67 psi/35 C

Input Voltage

220V AC (50Hz)

Operating Voltage

24V DC

Note: S50 Commercial RO Water Purifier used in office for 25 to 30 workers.