Solar Battery ST040H (40 AH)

Solar Battery ST040H (40 AH)

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Okaya Solar Battery ST040H (40 AH)

It's high time to replace toxic batteries from your places and replace it with newly designed Solar Battery ST040H (40 AH). Our battery is intended cycle longevity at C10 release (1.85 VPC, at 27o C). In addition, we have designed our range for prolonged back-up time as well as solar home uses. Our battery requires less maintenance because of low antimony matter and in addition, low water top-up, which implies our customers only have to keep a tab on the water level minimum two times a year. Solar Battery ST040H (40 AH) has outstanding watt-hour and ampere-hour proficiency. Besides, it also has super low rate of auto release. Our product is appropriate from cyclic usage because of its excellent energy and voltage output profile. The entire range is available to the customers with integrated microporous ceramic discharge closures with pointer of water level. Our Solar Battery ST040H (40 AH) is non-spillable as well as non-hazardous.

Specifications of 40AH Solar Tubular Battery :-

  • Brand : OKAYA
  • Model : ST 040H SOLAR
  • Type : SOLAR
  • Rating : 40 AH
  • Warranty (in months) : 36 M
  • MRP : 4740
  • Price (With Exchange) : --
  • Price (Without Exchange) : 4650
  • Old Battery Value : --